The Forum

A New Resource for the Next Generation of Family Wealth

The Next Generation Forum
Members of The Forum are those between the ages of 18-45 years. Multiple generations within a family are also invited to participate as the guest of a member.

To provide useful educational resources for the successful governance and management of family wealth customized to the needs of the next generation.

The focus is to enable each generation to incorporate their own personal goals within the family as they prepare for or respond to the inheritance of wealth. Regular educational programs will be provided by way of webinars and an annual conference with peers.

A Resource
In addition to providing educational resources members will have access to a database of pre-screened, vetted experts dedicated to serving next generation family members in a variety of fields. Current advisors of family members are encouraged to participate in The Forum as well.

Individual and family memberships to The Forum are available. To join, click here.

Upcoming Program Topics:

DNA or Resume – Why are YOU Working in the Family Business?
For many working in a family business, expectations and obligations can create havoc on next generation family members. A round table discussion will focus on how to manage expectations while pursuing your personal passions.

Family Limited Partnerships, What’s in it for ME?
A look at how investing your money through FLPs can work to your advantage compared to stand alone investment opportunities.

Avoiding Fraud – How to Stay Out of Madoff-like Investments
What to look for when making investment decisions to negate the risk of losing it all. As a fiduciary over family assets or beneficiary to someone else’s investment decisions, learn more on steps to take to ensure your money is where you think it is.

Family Mission Statements – Making them Meaningful
Ideas and strategies to help you develop your own mission statement as well as tips on how to incorporate your goals into the family’s mission statement.